| FTBL Cody confirms he'll be around for senior year

I had to go back and look b/c at the beginning of the summer the official roster had him listed as a sophomore. I thought he might have done like Nakita Stover and just played one year of Juco ball to keep eligibility open at the next level. Just went back and now they have Cody listed as a Junior.........Oh well. I was hoping to have the option of 3 years just in case he wanted to stay to help us win the MNC. :D

Another good article on TC that was in Tide Sports today.
I would think that this was a given. To leave would mean that he would seeking to compete with the world's best just 12 months removed from playing Junior College ball as a Sophomore in Mississippi.

He is good, Bama's coaches are good, but I don't know that they are all that good.

A second year will give him the chance to learn from coaches who know what it takes to be successful in the Pros, let him be a know-factor when is comes time for the press to select their pre season awards watch-lists, and double his exposure to those that might draft him.
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