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Did anyone else catch what Coach Saban said after the game to the ESPN sideline floozie?

It was AWESOME and made me think he is really starting to like it here.

I will paraphrase it to the best of my ability but if anyone can find a YOUTUBE or any other kind of vid...please post the link here.

"This was a great win. John Parker did a great job with the last drive. We knew we were a very good 2 minute team. This is a great win. It is games like this that make you want to be at Alabama. It's great here. We are just happy to get a win like this for these fans and the great people of this state"

Like I said that is paraphrased but for the first time since Coach Saban arrived....I feel like he is really loving Alabama.

Not that I think he disliked it...but I got the feeling last night that he was truly Crimson.

I said it when we hired him and I will say it the whole time we are lucky enough to have him

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