| FTBL CFN 'Bama preview!!

Did anyone see that they predicted 3 coaches out at the end of the year. Nutt, Croom and a ?. They also predicted Myer would get an NFL offer and go. I don't think he is NFL material and besides I don't want UF sniffing around Coach Saban.
bamabarney said:
I don't see us losing to Ole Miss, just cannot see it happening.

Neither does he, and I quote, "The three SEC road games before the season finale at Auburn are as easy as can be, against Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Mississsippi State".
Ole Miss is a dangers team they have a lot of good recruits in the last 2 years but I think the TIDE is still a better team and will win if focused and Sabana should have them focused unlike Shula seamed not to have his teams when they played a weaker team
Hey guys, Hog fan here. It's getting to be that time of year again and I thought I would come over and see what some of y'all were talking about. Congrats on getting coach Saban. CFN says that Bama will beat the Hogs this year, what do you think? I say Hogs win it 28-24.
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