| FTBL Cecil talks about BAMA and the NFL draft

As Cecil noted, NFL ist round picks does not necessarily correllate with succcess at the college level, but this is a reflection on our general talent level in the wake of the recruiting scandals. It is a little ironic that Gene Stallings, who was not known as a recruiter of great offensive players, recruited Samuels and Alexander, the last two first rounders, as offensive players.

Mark Anderson and DeMico Ryans both showed themselves as being worth a first round pick by their NFL performance. but slipped past the first round, IMO, because of their relatively small size for the position they were playing. In another case, it was just rotten luck. IMO had Brodie had a decent supporting cast around him, including an offensive line that would not get him killed, he would have had a spectacular career and been a first round pick, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

CNS and his recruiting approach will change all that soon enough. The kids he is bringing in have both NFL size and NFL speed. I think Andre Smith is our next first round pick. I hope it is in the 2010 draft.
Well on the bright side, Bama has not had any big named busts. Our guys have been solid contributors in the NFL. Ryans and Anderson most clearly exemplify this point. And, how many first round QBs have yet to be tagged as the Starter of the future like Brody? Darby's Senior year did not warrant going as high as he did, but the Bucs trusted his Bama training.

All things considered, the number of first rounders any school has only matters as an obscure trivia question. At the end of the day Bama signed the #1 recruiting class and not because we were graduating a first rounder and Troy did not sign the #1 recruiting class because that are signing a first rounder.
I think CH is dead on in this one. His point isnt that Bama not having any first rounders MEANS something in itself. His point is that it is indicative of the problems the program has had and that Nick Saban is correcting.
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