| PRO Alabama in the NFL Draft, 2024: With four selected on the final day, Bama sends 10 to the NFL through the draft.

How to watch the 2024 NFL Draft

You can watch the draft live on NFL Network, NFL+, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on April 25 to catch all the draft action live

When is the 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft will take place between Thursday April 25 and Saturday 27, 2024. The action from Detroit will kick off with Round 1 on Thursday, and finish with Rounds 4-7 on Saturday, April 27.


Some thoughts and nuggets on the draft, aided by the help of a couple of friends who are covering the draft this week in Detroit...

4 Bama players are expected to go in round 1.

Everyone knows the Falcons like Dallas Turner... and he makes sense for them... but he won't have to wait too terribly long tonight after the run on QB's, either way. Turner will likely compete with Byron Murphy as the first defensive player taken tonight. He's sitting pretty today though since EDGE guys are so valuable.

Terrion Arnold is neck and neck with Quinyon Mitchell as the top CB on a lot of the team's draft boards. There's some belief that the Eagles may be the first to grab a CB... Arnold probably doesn't fall past Jacksonville who are targeting both of these guys.

Kool-Aid McKinstry should also be a round 1 selection, possibly the 3rd corner taken. He's healed up nicely from his foot fracture and put those concerns to bed. Running a good 40 time with that fracture also helped him. Arizona is a team to watch if he's still on the board when they pick.

JC Latham is a1st round talent, but some teams have him higher than others. Based on how things play out, and each team's draft needs, I could see a scenario where he maybe falls into the early 2nd round, though I find it unlikely with how tackles are coveted in the draft. Joe Alt going very early tonight (likely to the Chargers if they don't trade the pick or take Harbaugh's choice in Marvin Harrison Jr.) would be a good sign for Latham as it would move him up the pecking order sooner rather than later. But, keep in mind, Latham is viewed at a RT, not as highly valued as a LT... still, a run on tackles helps move him up.

I don't think Chris Braswell will make the 1st round cut, but I do think he will go higher than many are expecting. Teams really like him.

Based on his on the field abilities, Jermaine Burton could go pretty high too... but some of the off the field stuff is likely to drag him down some, and his stock hasn't exactly gone up since the season ended. I think most expect him to go in round 5, but he's got round 3 ability. Does a team with a need at WR take a chance on him early?

There is talk of a lot of trading going down tonight, but sometimes that stuff tends fizzles out.

I personally think the Bears are making a huge mistake by taking Caleb Williams at #1, but the Bears will be far from the only ones that throw away a top pick tonight be reaching for a QB. If it were me, I'd be all in on Jayden Daniels... and it seems Washington (Kingsbury likes Daniels), Minnesota, and Las Vegas are. Can the Raiders work a massive deal to move up and grab him? Unlikely, but they want him, bad. New England sits at #3 and will get a lot of trade offers. But, they too want a QB. Will it be Drake Maye or JJ McCarthy? Opinions seems split. Whichever one it isn't, won't have to wait too long. The Cardinals are ready to trade out of their spot if they get the deal they want... someone like the Vikings could move up and get the QB... Cards slide back and get their WR. Denver also wants McCarthy, so if he's the one remaining, and the Broncos trade up, it's so Payton can get McCarthy. And if they trade up, it could very well mean Patrick Surtain II. is part of the deal.

On the other 2 talked about QB's... Michael Penix's medicals did him no favors and some believe he's reached his ceiling already, but the 1st round is still a very good possibility, especially since team's tend to fall all over themselves when it comes to QB's (the Raiders and Patriots like him for example). Going to Oregon was a great decision of Bo Nix and definitely made him some extra money. Some team will take a flier on him, but he's not looked at as a franchise QB. There's talk that Sean Payton wants him, and he may slide back and take him, but Payton wants McCarthy much more than Nix. The feeling is Nix drops to the 2nd round, but again, all bets are off with QB's. Nix could certainly have a decent career as an NFL backup though... there's much worse jobs in the world than that.

Brock Bowers has been a hot name with fans since his freshman year at UGA... many wondered how high he'd go come draft day.... He's a terrific talent who should step in day 1 and be an immediate impact. It's unlikely he falls past the Jets at #10, and that would be a great value for them IMO. Bears also like him, as do a couple of other teams who will be willing to trade up to grab him (including the Colts and Rams).

DeBoer's former WR at Washington, Rome Odunze is likely to get selected pretty early tonight... he's the 2nd WR on a lot of boards, even ahead of Malik Neighbors and Xavier Worthy for many teams. On Worthy, his stock has really shot up in recent weeks (Colts want him). These guys could really go in any order, but I'm told this is the most likely order.

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Gonna be a lot of disappointed teams with these quarterbacks I think. I like Penix, but the Falcons are just worthless. Just paid a guy $100M and draft his backup when you are basically dead last defensively.
I cannot believe Denver took Nix with pick 12. That goes beyond the definition of reach and enters the lunatic territory. What a stupid organization

It's silly. Payton is enamored with him, but they could have traded down and gotten him. I'd imagine Penix going so early scared them from doing that. Regardless, and maybe Nix will make me eat my words, but he's not an NFL starter in any system, even Payton's. If I was a Broncos fan, I'd be throwing up.
Quinyon Mitchell may come off the board here to the Steelers, which moves Arnold up...


Dolphins pick coming up... they really need OL help... but do they dare take Xavier Worthy? Can you imagine even more speed with their skill guys? Would be fun to watch if Tua had more than a half second to throw it...
Quinyon Mitchell may come off the board here to the Steelers, which moves Arnold up...


Dolphins pick coming up... they really need OL help... but do they dare take Xavier Worthy? Can you imagine even more speed with their skill guys? Would be fun to watch if Tua had more than a half second to throw it...

LOL, Fautanu was who the Dolphins really needed. Maybe Worthy actually happens?
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