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I was screaming at my house pretty much all game!!

So glad they play got reversed. No way we should of let them come back that much but I felt the D was playing too far off the ball a lot during the day.

Ole Miss and Bama are always nail biters til the end!

Roll tide roll! JPW looked to shrug off whatevers been bothering him this season for the most part. Still needs some improvement but tons better than the past few games! Oline needs to get off the ball better. That ole miss player couldn't be blocked for anything! Hell of a DE he is!

Roll tide roll!

PS, is there any posibilty of someone to sue at Bama? My health is not going to fair too well if we keep them so close. I think an ulcer is coming before the seasons end!! :lol: :lol:
Was in Oxford today

Section K
Row 63
Seat 31

From that I saw:

- The O seemed to do ok today. The rebs d line was pretty tough though.
- The D stunk it up today. But they did what they needed to for us to win. That's all that matters.
- I didn't run into many really rude and evil Ole Miss fans today. Most everyone was nice/respectable/polite, even after the game. I've never encountered that before in Oxford. I was pleasantly surprised. Except for some frat boy who after the game acted like he was going to shove his forearm into my chest as he walked by. I laughed and walked on but of course my "little" brother almost got us in a fight and arrested.
- The rest of the season is going to be like this. Each game is going to be close. It doesnt' matter who we play.
- I will have a heart attack or stroke before the end of the season due to what I mentioned just above.
- Saban and the gang are definitely making sure we get every penny's worth of what we spend on ticket prices. Never leave early.
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