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Bryce Young Wanted to Play in Fourth Quarter of Alabama's Close Game Against Texas A&M

Alabama redshirt freshman quarterback Jalen Milroe had been practicing all week in preparation of starting against Texas A&M for the injured Bryce Young, but didn't find out until Saturday that he was getting the starting nod against the Aggies.
Milroe had three touchdown passes in his starting debut, but also turned the ball over three times and had the chance to put the game away when Alabama got the ball back with less than four minutes left and a four-point lead. According to Alabama head coach Nick Saban in the postgame press conference, the Crimson Tide's Heisman-winning quarterback wanted to take the field.
"There's no question that Bryce is a great competitor, he wants what's best for the team, he was very supportive — he's been very supportive all week of helping Jalen every way that he can — but he also wants to play," Saban said. "And he actually wanted to play at the end of the game."
One of Young's fellow captains, outside linebacker Will Anderson Jr. echoed the same sentiment as his head coach. Even though Young couldn't play, he was still fully involved in encouraging the team according to Anderson.
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Nick Saban Offers Final Update on Bryce Young Ahead of Texas A&M
Oct 6, 2022 9:04 PM EDT
"Bryce is a big competitor, so I’m pretty sure Bryce wanted to play a lot," Anderson said. "But I told Bryce I was super proud of him because a lot of people are inspired by Bryce. I told him I was so proud of him because even though he’s a big competitor, he wants to be out there, he’s still leading. He’s still clapping on the offense. He’s not in a corner sad, or anything like that. He’s out there cheering them on, and I think that’s why we respect him so much because he’s a team player."

Saban said Alabama is monitoring what kind of progress Young makes this week with his shoulder injury as the Crimson Tide prepares for a top-10 road matchup at Tennessee.
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