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Who is the best SEC team this year?

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bamatommy said:
I think it's Florida, especially considering how they ripped Tennessee.
I don't know so much about that. I kinda think LSU is but they didn't prove it today. After the way the Gaytors played last week i'm not so sure anymore.
Next weeks game was big, now it's beyond huge with the losses of OU and WVU.

If there is one thing that may have been overlooked...it's that Tebow can't carry this team the whole season.

We'll see this weekend, but at this point I have to point to LSU as the top dog.
definitely have to go with LSU on this one. Seems like if you smack Florida a good one in the chops, they kinda lose it for a bit.
LSU hands down and I don't even think it's close. They have killer speed in almost every dept. and the D they possess is outstanding.

Should be an interesting couple of weeks...
It seems that every team is venerable in some way and I think that sadly, no team in the SEC will be undefeated this year. Florida got exposed for the fact that if you stop the draw play to Tebow, their offense can be slowed down enough to beat them. LSU is getting a lot of mileage right now off the draw play to Holliday. Someone will draw up a defense to stop that and put them jeopardy of losing a game. LSU is winning despite the fact that Flynn’s passing numbers aren’t very good and he is rated in the bottom half of SEC QBs. Anyone who can force him to beat them throwing it will have a chance.

It’s hard to say really who is the “best”. I think Florida has the best mix of coaching and talent, LSU has the most talent, South Carolina has the best defense, Kentucky has the best offense, Miss St looks like they are putting forth the best effort right now, Alabama has the best coach, Ole Miss has the craziest coach, and UT has the fattest coach. That mix of strengths and weaknesses makes every week and every game exciting.
TerryP said:
If there is one thing that may have been overlooked...it's that Tebow can't carry this team the whole season.
Thats been my point all along. Oscar mayer weiner better quit letting him run the ball so much. Somebody will break him in too, i dont think its a matter of if its a matter of time before they do.
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