| FTBL Barner gear!

I am sure in Gadsden there will still be plenty.

I have already heard stuff like "Well we still bet you 6 years in a row."

I respond by telling them not to live in the past. Barners are so stuck in the past. Let it go man...let it go...the past is gone.

Not to MENTION the fact that Bama has MULTIPLE 6 game winning streaks against the turds as well as a 9 game winning streak. Typical of Barnturds to ask us if we got six when in fact we do. Morons. Morons and LOSERS!!

All joking aside, you won't be seeing much. And in the near future, when the Tiger Pride stores go out of bushiness and get replaced with NASCAR shirt shops (like happened about 10 years ago), you'll see even less.
Well i have heard, "I hope the Gators beat the crap out of you." My response was, "Why? Because you guys couldn't even score?" :lol:

Also I have heard they are sick of the arrogant Bama fans. I think AU has been very arrogant for six years...with their "S, the streak" stickers, which need to come down now. :D

We have a reason to be arrogant. We are 12-0 and #1 in the country! I do not see a reason why we can not be. cool8)
Look guys what are we even stresing on this? They are finished. It is over. Tubbs won't Find an OC worth a damn that is stupid enough to to risk his family's livleyhood and future to give up a job and go to work for a man who has fired every OC & DC he's had before they could even get this kids swing set up in the back yard. not gonna happen.

That's if tubbs himself can even keep his job.

They'll be lucky if 1. they can keep tommy out of the Duck Blind/ Deer stand to even recruit players from Vigors peewee football leauge. And that's how early he's gonna have to start recruiting if he has a Chance to beat CNS onthe recruiting trail. Not happing. non issue.

Lastly...in the world of big time collage football...Auburn will go back to they're irrelavance and be about as signifigant as a pimple on Terry Bowdens ass.

Roll TIDE!
Collage football? :shock:
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