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The usual member that does these POW's, Bama Bo, is getting his snotlocker worked on,(Same Day Surgery, Get well brother!) so he has decided to turn the leash over to me this week. He gave me a couple of guidelines so I have to follow them.

First guideline is to throw a jab at "The Expert" RollTideRandy. Well thats easy enough, Your ugly and yo mama dresses you funny. I tried to look at your picks but for some reason someone deleted them, must of been a bad week for "The Expert".

Now to the business end of this post, it is the second guideline that BamaBo pointed out to me, so I guess I will get right to it. First off, what a game! Emotional roller coaster is more the phrase! Up by 21 one minute down by 7 the next. Ole 66's ticker was going like Fred Sandford's is when he calls Elizabeth. In the end the outcome was a W in our favor. Now to the Player of the Week.....

DJ Hall got the Tide started off on the right foot with a 43-yard reception on its first play and finished with six catches for 172 yards and two touchdowns, despite missing most of the fourth quarter with a pulled quadricep muscle. In the process, he also broke NFL Hall of Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome's school record of 2,070 receiving yards. How could you not go with DJ?

John Parker Wilson had a huge day with 24 catches out of 45 throws, 327 yards and 2 TDs, and two INTs. Drove the ball down the field for the winning score. How could you not go with John Parker?

I will tell you how, catch a 4-yard touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone from John Parker Wilson with eight seconds left, thats how. 9 receptions, 91 yards receiving, 1 TD and 92,000+ screaming fans and that gets you POW on this board. What a difference a year makes. Congrats Matt you deserve it, hold on to that memory! Cause we will. Daniel Moore get to painting!


Bama1966 said:
bear facts said:
66, great job at tag-teaming for BamaBo.

I really like those last three lines. I thought the same thing when I first saw the photo that 425 had posted.

Thanks bro, I was thinking I should of turned the writing over to you. Its not my forte, as yall see. :lol:

Don't be misjudging yourself.

Besides, I hate deadlines, and I'm not "journalistically" inclined.

I could list at least a dozen other folks around here who are.

Now back to the Matt Caddell Show.
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