| BSB/SB šŸ„Ž BAMA softball and the U-19 USA team playing this week: USA Softball International Cup


From last night (Friday) ... If I recall from reading earlier, Fouts pitched four last night allowing a hit and a run. 4K's, maybe? I'd have to look. Skylar Wallace was at 2nd base.

In case you missed this...part two.

Bailey Dowling was at shortstop last night as well. If you aren't familiar with here, she the 2018-2019 Softball POY in Illinois. (Gatorade honor.) By the way, she won the same award in 2017-2018.) USA Today All-USA Preseason Team is another one of the paragraphs on her resume.

In case you missed it...part three.

Dowling is having a good day today as well. From the circle today, Alexi Kilfoyl.

All four, all Bama.
One last note on the weekend I meant to post yesterday...

We had talked about the loss of Regan Dykes and the anticipated move of Bailey Hemphill to catcher. In that conversation(s) the subject of who would take over 1st came up a time or two.

Dowling was playing 1st base in their last game this past weekend. She ended up having a great weekend with the bat as well.
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