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me too man, me too

I hope that some of our younger fans can see what Alabama-Tennessee used to be back when there was mutual respect AND mutual disdain. It seems in the last decade to have devolved into just a deal where former head coaches were involving FBI and being tattle tails. When I was very young Bama - UT mean more to football than Miami - FSU or Michigan - Ohio State.

Here is to hoping those days come back.
same here, I just hope we can get a coach that can put our program in contention where it should be.

I don't want my Alabama friends and family to take this the wrong way, but it's GOOD for football when Tennessee is good. It's good for football when Alabama is good. It's GREAT for the SEC when those two teams collide as powerhouses and high in the national ranking.

Y'all will find a good coach. UT is a good job.

Roll Tide.
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