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I dunno if any of you bought this but the Panoramic picture of the new stadium addition from the hawaii game has a nice lil flaw in it... There are very few that where sold with a guy shooting a bird in the bottom right hand side of the photo it actually stands out real big once you find it.. lol
I have seen the panorama, but did not notice the "bird"....I was too busy looking to see if I could find myself. The pic almost has my seat pictured, but cuts us out by a few rows.

I did find Bama Danny on there. He and his wife are sitting on the left hand side near the bottom of the pic.
Yea i actually have the Raw image on my computer its huge. If you want i can mail it to you so you can zoom in and see yourself
K im looking for it lol i got it somewhere... ive found MSU, South carlina, Rupp arena and the old panoramic of bryant denny before exspansion
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