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my LSU fan fiancee' looked at me and said, "You guys have one hell of a coach. That was a great game." I smiled and answered, "I know." :wink:

For him, that's a BIG compliment. I kept waiting for the "embarrassment" and "domination" over the Tide that all the Auburn fans I work with (some of them grads) had been telling me about for almost two weeks.

My mouth is almost watering in anticipation for the future. It was very exciting to see our little scrappy team hang with the #3 team (at that time) in the Nation.

Congrats to LSU and go get a NC for the SEC!
Went to church this morning and caught the usual flack about LSU's win over the Tide. I expected it, and it was all good-natured . . . I think. :shock: I think they knew that they'd been in a dogfight. Still, LSU fans have no right to call Bama fans unreasonable or delusional. One guy said to me, "The best team and the best coach won." I told him that the best team did, in fact, win, but the best coach did not. I also asked, if Miles is the better coach, why are LSU fans mad at him for leaving them. If he hadn't left, Les Miles wouldn't be at LSU now. Man, they are thick-headed.
During the game, my wife, Uga fan was yelling at me to quit being so loud and cussing, right :roll: Towards the end when it looked as if we would win, I jokingly asked her if I could skip out on her company Christmas party and goto the SECCG, she said no. A few minutes later I told her, well what if Ugag is playing against Bama, she said hell yeah.....

After the game we talked about how drunk I would get at her Christmas party... :?
Another thing……I told Paul (my fiancé) that we should try to get tickets to go to BDS for the UA-LSU game in two years. He got this weird look on his face and said, “I’m not going down there to watch ya’ll beat our a$$.” I just started laughing.
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