| FTBL A look at QB transfers and the AP poll released today.


A few observations made today around the web.

Of the top 8 teams in the AP Poll, 7 of them have a starting QB who plays/played in the SEC.

2. Alabama, Tua Tagovailoa
3. Georgia, Jake Fromm
4. Oklahoma, Jalen Hurts
5. Ohio State, Justin Fields
6. LSU, Joe Burrow
7. Michigan, Shea Patterson
8. Florida, Feleipe Franks

#1’s (Clemson) former starter is starting at Mizzou

#2’s (Alabama) former starter is starting at #4 (Oklahoma)

#3 (Georgia) has a former starter at #13 (Washington) & their former back up is starting at #5 (Ohio State)

#6’s (LSU) starter played at #5 (Ohio State)

#7’s (Michigan) starter was previously the starter at Ole Miss.
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