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How about a general gun discussion? Show yours and tell its story.

My Dad passed a little over three years ago, he was a huge fisherman, won many crappie tournaments around the southeast, some while paying a double entry fee and fishing alone. We sold his boat a little after he was gone. I was over at my Mom's helping with a few things, and she said, "I think there's some ammo in the back bedroom". I had been consolidating his ammo from several places, so I pull a couple of boxes from under the bed and find I had an extra thousand rounds of .22 LR and another 500 or so rounds ranging from .25 to 41 magnum. Very happy about that. My mom then says, "your Dad's boat gun is back here from when I cleaned out the boat". She brings me a dry box that had not always been dry and there was a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum stainless that had been neglected for a while, plus it had knocked around in the boat apparently for years. I took some scouring and I took some 1,000 grit sandpaper to it and got a lot of the rust and dirt off, it needs some closer attention, but it was a great find. The grip's discolored a bit, thought about replacing them, but I think I want it like he had it.

It's a Model 19-3, suggesting a 1967 to 1976 manufacture date. Here's a pic of it, post initial cleanup, by my 1976 Ruger Service Six .357 which is part of my home system.



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@It Takes Eleven
So awesome....geeze

Inherited guns
Ms50+ dad left her the top one
Ruger 22....single six
She prefers to carry her glock43x ....its lighter

My brother left me ..he was gun nut...
Ruger blackhawk. 45 cal....

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I reallylike the glock 44. Shots 22LR
Can shoot all day without breaking bank
Looks like glock 19 but much lighter
Fun target pistol
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Man, those are nice, love the Rugers. I have two 22’s, the Service Six, a 41 magnum and a 38-40 I’ll share a story about later.
I love that .357, @It Takes Eleven That is a sweet gun and a great story. Nice Ruger @50+yeartidefan For this thread I’ll post the S&W .357 I inherited from my grandad, it was his brother’s when he walked the beat. (My brother and a cousin got his 2 1911 Colt’s that were Navy issued during his 3 years of duty in WWII, which I sure wish I had). I need to have this one freshened up a little. And also my Dan Wesson .357 I got from my dad. He never shot the thing. Not worth a lot but I wouldn’t sell for $25k. I buy all these fancy semi-auto pistols but you can’t beat these old tried and true revolvers with history included.

The Ruger 38-40. My Dad had, and I now have, a Winchester Model 92 chambered in the old cowboy round 38-40. It's a necked-down round maybe 1 1/4 inches long, a decently strong round. He loved that rifle, and when a really nice buck showed up on our property some years back, the 92 was the only thing that was loaded and he dispatched the 220-pounder with it at about 40 yards. He had a shoulder mount made of it, aptly named the "backyard buck". He always told me that he wanted to find a 38-40 pistol to match it because "that's how the cowboys did it", one round for the rifle and sidearm.

About ten years ago, I started looking for the the Colt 38-40's to surprise him. Those in really crappy condition were stupid expensive, something along the lines of $3,000+, just not going to happen, so I started stalking the auction/sale sites like Guns America. In 1989, an Ohio organization, the Buckeye Sporting Club, commissioned Ruger to make 5,000 revolvers for them. One thing about Ruger is that many times they offer alternative cylinders to handle multiple rounds. My old style .22 has an extra cylinder for .22 magnums. The Buckeye model was chambered for 38-40, but it came with an extra cylinder for 10MM. About eight years ago, I found one for auction, new in box, and away we went. The 10MM has a bit of a cult following (a crazy hot round, I get it), so anything chambered for 10MM gets their attention. I ended up winning the auction, probably paying the same for the 38-40 for what I could've gotten a .44, but that wasn't the point. I then bought a nice ammo belt and holster from Ruger to fit it, and surprised the fool out of my Dad. It's one of the few times I'd really put one over on him. We put a number of rounds through it, and when I take it to CMP Talladega I still get questions about it.

@TerryP , this one has a 6 1/2 inch barrel and weighs in at 48 ounces. Great balance, I make the steel targets sing with it. Every round makes me think of my Dad.





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I picked up a Geissele 5.56 AR this week from my local shop. They were selling on consignment. I asked who would sell such an incredible rifle. Shop owner said it’s an old guy just diagnosed with serious health issues. Selling 50 or so of his arms. Said he realized at this point they’re just stuff. His situation is sad, but I’m glad he’s sharing his collection.
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