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I know this has been discussed in other threads, and may have an older thread of its own, but does anyone have a handle on how much of a crunch is coming with scholarships?

Here's what Porter had plowed into his gonkulator as of June 10th from the Jimmy Barnes thread:

Anyone know what our current scholarship numbers are with the Spring recruiting class plus returning players? How many above 85 are we currently?

A couple weeks back I tried to figure this out. Since we don't know for sure what Saban is going to do with players like Matt Collins and Jamie Christensen (walk-ons who were later awarded scholarships) it is hard to get an exact number. Will Saban pull those scholarships? What will he do with Prothro's? Also, will there be any other academic casualties other than Murphy and Ricks? Counting Collins, Christensen, and Prothro, but then subtracting Murphy, Ricks, and Barnes... I think that puts us at 89 or 90 (that includes '07 "grayshirt: signees).

When it is all said and done, I think BAMA will get back to 85 easily though a little more attrition (and with the possibility that 1 or 2 more signees might not qualify). Worst case scenario, guys like Crump and Vlachos end up having to grayshirt.

As far as looking ahead, as of now, I think we have 16 SR's on scholarship.

Now that all signees except Murphy will reportedly make grades, this increases the crunch. Have there been any more departures from the team?


Jamar Taylor was the last known departure from the team. As of now, with the news that Murphy will be the only signee casualty, I think BAMA is at 89 scholarships (4 over the limit).
BamaFan14 said:
I'm sure that Saban has it figured out, otherwise I don't think that he would have removed the greyshirt from Vlachos

That's what I was thinking.

He might be cutting 4 guys. Remember, these are Shula's players...not his.
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