| FTBL 8/13 Interviews, practice, and Terrence Cody Highlights

Cody's size, along with what appears to be a very spry type of movement is just jaw dropping.

I mean, just watching him in that video clip was almost WEIRD. He is SO big and SO fast for hiz size. He has the spring in his step you would expect from a safety.
Before camp started, I had high hopes for him because of his enormous size and all. But after seeing him move in practice, he has completely blown my expectations out of the water. I can't wait to see him on the field as a part of a three man rotation as TerryP has mentioned. He is gonna be a major headache for anyone who TRIES to block him. :lol:
I remember seeing footage on him from junior college, and he looked like an overweight beast (no disrespect intended, he was just huge, not football athletically huge), and seemed a little sluggish. Seeing this footage of him at UofA, it looks like Saban's workout program has gotten him into unbelievable shape! He moves more like a normal sized DE or a big LB, not a 400 lb NT!

I was afraid all he would be able to do would be fill a couple of holes in the line, now I'm psyched that he can actually play football!
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