| FTBL 70th Anniversary of my becoming a Bama fan


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What a story. Overcoming a barner Dad would have been hard for sure.... In my town growing up and mostly remembering the 70's, not to many Barn fans would admit it. They basically remained in the shadows so to speak. Bear had put them in their place by then so there was not a lot of crowing and the decade of the 70's continued that trend.

My first Bama hero was Musso - #22.... I vagually remember the 69 game with the shootout with Hunter/Manning in prime time. Bryant was not happy giving up so many points and yards (over 500). Sound familiar?

I also recall those gut punching losses to Notre Dame in the 70's which is why the 2012 NC game was so special and still my favorite under CNS.

Big fan too...

Big picture...

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