| FTBL 2 guys from London, UK are attending the Crimson Tide Football game. What's the best way to get to the game from Birmingham

Hi All,
Thanks to all the replies, very helpful and much appreciated.

To give more context to our stay. We're flying in from London to Houston the week before, renting a car and driving through to Nashville, stopping in Alabama for the Roll Tide vs A&M game (We do have game tickets).

We're planning to stay in Birmingham for the game and ideally would like to get some sort of transportation there and back whether it's private or public. We do have the ability to drive but prefer not to as we would like to drink throughout the day and enjoy the day with the fans.

Would be great to see the RollTideBama tailgate happen and meet all of you guys.
A link to the struggles of the World Game athletes. German archer barely able to complete 2nd round. I feel for them.

If you’ve lived in Alabama your whole life and you expect the weather/temperature to be any different in July just because the World games are coming, then you are a dumbass my friend… no other way to explain that one, of course someone will blame global warming. :p Alabama has been “global warming” every summer since the beginning of time.
I worked with a couple of Swedes, bunch of Germans and other Northern European types that were astounded at Alabama in late July and August. Our Swiss comptroller arrived in early May and was melting by the end of the month.
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