| FTBL Will Houston Nutt be fired this year?

Will Houston Nutt be fired this year?

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Arkansas' fanbase were shopping him like a used car when we were looking for a coach. NO WAY he gets another year. Nutt gets the boot before the end of the season, and Franky will get the boot before the search for a new coach starts. That's my guess.
BamaFan14 said:
I guess I've been out of the loop on this one...why would Nutt be fired next year? - he won 10 games last year

Two losing seasons in 2004 and 2005, the Springdale PTA affair, losing Mitch Mustain, and his tendency to interfere with the game plan at bad times.
Nutt will survive IMO because he has a knack for rising to the occasion when his back is to the wall. He has so much baggage now, though, that anything less than 9-3 will have the piggies digging out their Ray Charles Albums and playing "Hit the Road, Nutt".
10 wins

I remember a coach who had 10 wins in 05,
most of the fan base was saying 07 will be the big year,
went 6-6 in 06,
fan base and "PowersThatBe" had begun to see that 07 would be a major bust, not the big year,
that coach got the boot.
Sometimes 10 wins,
even national championships,
come in spite of weak areas in coaching.

Houston Nutt is one hell of a coach. Arkansas would be really stupid to fire him, mainly because I don't think the next guy they bring in will be better than him. It's not his fault that the guys he brought in to jump start the program left because they couldn't get their way. They didn't belong there anyway if that was the way they were going to act. Arky won 10 games last year, losing 4 games,all to teams that ended the year in the top five. How much more could you ask of a team that finished the previous year with a losing record? I say he should be allowed to stay, but I think he will get fired.
rolltyroll said:
Ok, let me be more specific:

He's going to be second guessed on every call and I don't believe the environment there will be a welcoming one... Every one today seems to be like the old Roman days... Thumbs down and off with his head...
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