| FTBL Why won't Saban sign the contract?

i've read somewhere (please don't ask me where, 'cause i don't remember) that sometimes it takes up to an entire year for a head coach to sign a new contract.

for some reason the attorneys on both sides like to hash out every little detail. i can't say that i blame them. i'd rather them do all this hashing-out and get things right than to rush through it and get it wrong.
His work ethic is incredible and has been imprinted on this team.
He has assembled a staff that is putting in long hours.
His recruiting efforts, particularly for a head coach, are exemplary.
His family members are putting down roots.
IIRC, the final contract won't have a buyout provision.

Other than reducing off-season fodder, what will change when he signs?


Nothing. ESPN will have to find something else to diss Saban's public image. The funny thing about this whole deal is that no one gives a damn whether or not Saban signs that contract this year. And no one especially gives a damn about what the public thinks of Nick Saban-especially not Nick Saban.

*I am merely preaching to the choir here. Ignore the hints of bashing someones post. I just kinda realized how the wholething sounded :shock: *

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rick4bama said:
If I remember right didn't Coach Shula wait before signing his too.

You might be thinking about Mike Price who never signed his UofA contract and thus we were able to fire him without paying him any additional compensation after he found his "Destiny" in Pensacola.
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