| FTBL Who will take the first snap at QB Saturday at USF?

Who takes first snap at QB Saturday?

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It appears TB is starting tomorrow. Low rarely has bad info.

Better to rip the bandaid off now and get him some quality reps.

Sucks for Milroe, but his piss poor field vision did him in.

He may have looked great in fall camp.

But when those Saturday lights come on and live bullets are flying, it's clear that he reverts back to what he's known for all the years he played QB before getting here.

He's too gifted of an athlete and rumored to be the fastest runner on the team. I say we put him a slot receiver. Knowing he's still a threat to throw the ball will have defenses panicking when he sits back for a bubble screen.
Regardless of how today shakes out, I think they will still need Milroe before the season is out. I used "they" instead of "we" for those that get dry vagina when fans use the word "we".
Yea, people say Milroe was like Blake Sims but sims had much better pre-snap recognition and reading of the defense. Sims just loved forcing balls into double coverage if they were deep shots. Milroe just doesn't see the coverage at all and spends too much time staring down his first read which he assumes is open.
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