| FTBL Who were you guys most impressed with from the first, and second teams yesterday?

I thought Lonergan played really well for a true freshman QB. Though to be honest, I had higher expectations for Holstein. The speed of the game takes the most adjustment for incoming freshmen and it showed with him. Of course, I’m sure nerves played a role too. The pass he skipped was a prime example … 99 times out of 100 he doesn’t bounce that pass. You could tell Saban wasn’t very happy with the play of his QB’s. And based upon the comments he’s made all Spring, I don’t think he knows who will be the starter. If he takes a bite from the transfer apple, you can bet the house, he’s concerned. I feel bad for all of the QB’s. Following in the footsteps of Tua, Mac and Bryce bam, bam, bam has to be daunting.
Finally got caught up and was able to watch the game on Youtube... A few thoughts:

-#28 Jefferson: He's a player. Fast, aggressive, and nasty. He popped more than anyone IMO

-#2 Downs is going to be tough to keep off the field. Looking a lot like Brian Branch out there with his tackling as a "smallish" DB.

-Simpson looked better than Milroe to me. Just more consistent throwing the ball. However, in a real game when running is a threat, Milroe changes the entire dynamic of the offense.

-Story and Law.... 2 returners that might take a huge leap next year.

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