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Who do you hate the most?

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I pity them. It must be hard to realize that your absolute best team is still not near Bama's average team.... The only way either has really beaten Bama the last couple of years is the fact that Bama had only 2/3 of the scholarship players they had, and still both struggled to win the division or the overall title.....
Wow. It surprises me to see that the majority of you voted Tennessee as your most hated team. I remember the talk about this last season. It was something I really thought about for a while. Then, the week of the Iron Bowl, I realized that nothing could top my hatred for the Auburn Tigers. I think also a big part of it is where you live. I live in Alabama, so I hear from those guys almost on a daily basis. Anywho, keep voting!
rammerjammer said:
Dude this is like choosing between AIDS or the Ebola virus? ;w;w

How bout this...............I hate Orange!!

My son is a VOLS fan...I'm starting to think he was switched at birth! I sure the H*ll didn't teach to love that bunch of COW TIPPERS!
I agree, I HATE ORANGE! They're both equally worthless! )N(
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