| FTBL What are your top 3 most physical football game?

1. Alabama Vs Florida 1992 SEC Championship Game
2. Alabama Vs Tennessee 1993 with David Palmer tying the game. I know it ended in a tie but that was a scrappy game.
3. Alabama Vs AU 1996 Iron Bowl with Riddle running it end at the end.

4. Honorable mention... 'Bama Vs LSU 2012 with Yeldon running it in. 'Bama was beat in just about every phase of the game except the scoreboard.
I just can't remember games that vividly, or with that much detail.

The only game that comes to mind is the 34-13 beat down of Miami in the Sugar Bowl.
Cordova vs Carbon Hill...1982. Carbon Hill was #6 and undefeated, they didnt cross the 50 yard line. Won 27-0...:p
Cordova vs Curry 1982 was pretty physical...got a concussion during that one...haven't been the same since. :p.
Cant remember Anyting after the Curry game, so 2 is all I got. 😁
Just about every Iron Bowl game I’ve seen. The same with LSU and even though Bama beats them like a red headed stepchild the MS games are almost always hard hitting physical affairs. Picking just three of the most physical games I’ve seen is like asking me to pick my three favorite Playboy spreads as a teenager … I just can’t do it because with both there were just too many deserving candidates.
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