| GAME THREAD 🏈 WEEK 13: NCAA / SEC Games of the Week~

This Baylor/Texas game feels like a pretty bog game for Sark. He's not gonna get canned for losing or anything, but heading into the bowl with a 7-5 record with the skill talent they had on offense would be really disappointing... and make for some unhappy Longhorns. UT just scored and is currently up 24-19, late 3rd quarter.
Welp, Texas finished them off. Side note, they rarely ever show a crowd shot of Longhorn fans where I don't see at least one guy that I want to hit with a steel chair.
After the last sack fumble of Ewers, Texas ran the ball all 22 plays over the last 3 possessions. Didn’t even attempt a drop back. Took them over 3 quarters to figure that out and it won them the game.
This year's national championship contenders are an overall weaker group than last year's... it makes for more parity, but it's been a long time since there hasn't been an elite team or two that are just flat out better than everyone else. That stings as a Bama fan because it just feels like 2 wasted opportunities now at titles (although last year's team was more of an injury issue). No good excuse though for Bama not to be this year's Alpha team, much like they were in 2020, and drumming someone in the title game.
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