| MBB/WBB We have a right to say this. Arizona, you "pu**ied" out.

It's bull shit. Oats had the balls to schedule and play them in Phoenix. Knowing they were loaded and we lost so much from the prior season. Not only that, it capped a tough three-game stretch where we played Purdue in Canada, @ Creighton, and 'Zona in Phoenix.

Bring on Illinois though.
Ok, so I was assuming that was the case. Never said you had to do anything, but assuming based off a comment isn't crazy.
I'll readily admit I post things that confuse people; largely intended. There is nothing confusing about this story.

AZ played Bama with an agreement for a return game.
2023-24 happened, both on AZ's case and Bama's.
AZ cancelled their return trip.

Why? In my view they looked and saw the game as an early Q1 loss: dismissing the idea it could be an early season Q1 win. Which brings me back to why?
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