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You'd think that Ohio's mediocrity in games that count, namely the national championship for the last 2 years would push them back to at least... oh I don't know.... third!?!?!?!
BamaFan615 said:
yea I saw this yesterday, look where they got Clemson ranked...and once again Ohio State is WAY overranked. This sort of crap makes me sick.

The OSU ranking is par for the course when it comes to ESPN. OSU gets the he** kicked out of them in the national title game for the second season in a row and all ESPN can do is talk about how much they have coming back and how wonderful they will be. As if no one else in the country has players coming back. If I'm not mistaken OSU also travels to L.A. next season to play USC. They likely wont even make it out of that game, and if they are lucky enough to make it to the national championship game they'll get stomped again by a faster, more ahtletic team. Just like they always do.

But ESPN loves 'em some OSU. They're the equivilent of Beano Cook's lovefest with ND or Vital's obsession with Coach K.
RollTideRandy said:
porkchop said:
The OSU ranking is par for the course when it comes to ESPN.

This is a Sports Illustrated article, silly. :lol:

LOL! Oops! :lol: :p

Whatever! What I meant to say was "The OSU ranking is par for the course when it comes to Sports Illustrated."


You know, I looked at the article and noticed the coloring was SI or sportsline but had ESPN in my head regardless.
They have three teams ranked in the top 25 who will have both new OCs and DCs. Considering how few other schools will face the same obsticle, this guy seems to think that coaching changes don't seem to hurt a team's chances.
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