| FTBL UF's Ingram goes down with knee injury.


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Their All-SEC Tight End just went down with a bad knee injury. Cornelius Ingram, #7. Word from the UF trainer is that the MRI shows a tear. Not sure if its partial or full right now. Waiting to hear from the doctor.

They had a deadly 1 (Tebow) 2 (Harvin) 3 (Ingram) punch going there. Looks like they will be down to just 2.
That is terrible news. I understand that he is a 5th year senior who passed up the NFL to play for the Gators one more time. He may be able to rehab back to football playing condition, but he sure cost himself a lot of $ with this injury.
This hurts UF, but they have a very good back-up for TE in Aaron Hernadez. He was just a hair away from being a 5* TE recruit, 4.5-4.6 type forty in a 6'4" frame. He was one of the first kids committed in their 2006 class.

As compared to how we are doing, they've had quite a few players held out of contact drills and several that have seen limited practice time this fall. Not that visiting Hawai'i would make much of a difference...but going into the stretch of Miami and then UT?
the_rolltide said:
I feel bad for the kid. I had a career ending injury and it sucks!!!!

TerryP UF will still win the EAST :D


I'll tell you one thing this does...IF Hernadez needs some time to pick up his role, it's going to change their approach and put Tebow running more again. Which, could spell a repeat of what happened to UF last season where their W/L's were directly affected by his lack of production due to a sore shoulder.

While those injuries didn't effect Tebow's hypeman campaign, it had a direct bearing on their month of October.

We'll all be watching that Sat. evening after homecoming to see how it all boils down.

On the same note, if UGA were to lose Stafford for a few games...
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