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Alabama vs Western Kentucky

If ever there was a solid example of the trickle down theory of modern college football, it exists on the campus of WKU. Starting quarterback K.J. Black went down in game two against Eastern Kentucky with a dislocated shoulder, clearing the way for Senior slinger David Wolke to assume the helm of the Hilltopper offense. If Wolke's name seems familiar to Tide fans, it should. Wolke was Scout hot 100 QB from Smyrna, GA, and was recruited by Mike Shula, before committing to Notre Dame. Wolke was expected to contend for the starting job this season, before suffering an injury in the weight room this past spring. It may not have mattered though, K.J. Black was more of a dual-threat QB, and may have suited the WKU spread offense better. Western will use the QB to run the ball, however the injury to Black puts them in a position where they cannot afford to risk injury to Wolke.

Continuing with the trickle down analysis, the senior roster of WKU reads like a who's who of transfers, with no fewer than eight seniors who transferred to WKU from either Junior Colleges, or other schools.

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