ND , Miami, and Penn State ALWAYS get over hyped, only to came back to Earth as a 10-2 team at best.

I think it's difficult to look past their relatively good situations (like schedules) as a whole and their talent levels and come to the realization that (for PSU and Miami at least), their ceilings are lower than they should be because they are coached by gameday buffoons. IMO, Notre Dame may be close to 11-15 in ranking over the next 3 years, but they aren't going to hang with the biggest of dogs come playoff time.
I think...in reality...the only way one can project such...is ....recruiting
Should Coach D be able to maintain the level he is presently attaining....
1-2-3 are going to be interchangeable....

But somewhere i am believing...Texas n A$m are going to be in those ranges... nil money...portal stealing...oil exploration....the ceiling is unlimited..
Along with texas hs football programs
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