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This morning I have been to several sites browsing and reading the opinions of Bama Fans. And there are several conclusions that 90% of us make. I, for one, agree. That we are under the learning curve. New coach, new system, new attitude, and a feeling that sooner than later, what we all knew as Bama Football, will be once again--BAMA FOOTBALL. The verbiage that we read when Shula was hired was hopeful with a wait and see attitude. It came in far to few fleeting moments. Our patience ran out quick. Now, with just 3 games under our belt, we have been shown the future. Most definitely so we need to improve in all aspects of our game. But we have arrived at the front door. CNS has and will continue to recruit better players and teach the game. For me, the loss last night showed me more than some of the wins last season. Patience and Confidence in our coaching staff is what we must show. BUT, While we wait, it going to be a much better ride than it was in the not to distant past. ROLL TIDE !! :D
Nice post Portside! You should post more often.

I have full faith an confidence that this coaching staff will make the necessary corrections and teach our players how to execute better. However, I also think that until we get more raw talent in certain spots, we will continue to drop a few each season.

I think we all knew that we would struggle at points this season. It's just always bitter when we actually lose.

One thing for sure it that no one looks lost on the sidelines...
Im REALLY stumped as to why Terry Grant didnt get more touches. I appreciate trying to get Coffee and Upchurch more invloved but I really dont understand why the cut down on Grants touches so much, especially as effective as he as when he got the ball.
I think Coach Saban has always used 2 or 3 rb's in a game and not rely on just one. You can tell there is a different attitude on the team and that they are in much better shape that they have been in years. I felt like we would go 4-1 in Sept. I still think we can, FSU has not impressed me, but we cannot play a first half like we did this Saturday. I feel good about us in the fourth quarter and being able to finish a game.

I think once JPW and the WR's get on track things will get better, I know everyone says it was JPW's third game in a new system, but I don't see how that makes him overthorw recievers and underthrow them as well, I think maybe once the coaches correct whatever he is doing wrong with his feet or whatever the causethe passing will come around.

I think we are two years away from running the table in the SEC.
I honestly expected a few losses this year. We have a tough schedule especially considering a coaching change.

The only solace is knowing that had Shula been the HC we would have lost 20-10 in regulation. At least the new staff has been able to put us in a situation to win the past two games. Last night, we came out on the short end of the stick.

Give it time folks, Saban and crew will put us back where we should be in a year or two.

We need to show patience as fans. It will take time to rebuild our program.

A couple of years ago, folks here in KY were ready to sell Brooks down the river. I told them all that I saw where he was headed and their future looked bright.
Look how that turned out! UK is rated as high as 14 in some polls!:shock:

Like I said, in time, Saban will have us back in the top 5 teams in the country.
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