| FTBL The real difference between Alabama and Auburn


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Watched the replay last night. Starting drive for Auburn in the second half. Lester gets the ball running around the right end. Over near the sideline, rather than lower his head and take on the tackler, he runs out of bounds to avoid contact. When was the last time you ever saw Mark Ingram run out of bounds? Or Glen Coffee. Those guys would rather run over you than around you.

Lester isn't tough. And we all remember what he did on the very next play...he dropped the ball on the ground just in anticipation of the hit Kareem Jackson was gonna put on him. This is a guy Auburn fans have been trying for four years to tell us how good he is?
In fairness to Lester, who in previous years has shown himself to be a tough inside runner, he had a pretty bad neck injury early in the season. He played like he was gun shy.
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