| FTBL The pre-season win total for Kentucky was 6½. While it still is Kentucky, ...

No one took the under.
Now you've sent me on a journey...I know a few guys that hang around at Circa, MGM, etc. I wonder how the split went.

You remember how we were talking about UF in the preseason? I'm pointing to "Mertz?" Lord god almighty he was bad.

We said "we don't quite get Napier." And, today? (Muss and Mullen ran that program in the ground.)
It's a night game, in Athens. I don't see UK up to the task.
I'll see your night game in Athens and raise you a 7 point dog in Athens in 2008.
;) :p

UK is not Bama. UK will get beat by 2-3 touchdowns. Then again I picked UF to beat them so what do I know? I just know programs like UK find ways to lose in these type of big games.
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