| FTBL 'The best thing that never happened to me'

Two things:

I couldn't make it past half of the article. It still hurts, yet there isn't one thing we can do about it. I get tired of woulda, coulda, shoulda in football and in life. It is what it is....period.

I really appreciate Terry Bowden chiming in on the fact that none of those coaches filled the void that Coach Bryant left. Thanks Terry for continuing that media stereotype and for chiming in on something you know nothing about. :roll:
My friends and I were discussing this just last night actually. We were watching We Are Marshall and Coach Bowden was the head coach at WVU during the tradgedy in 1970. I mentioned to my Auburn friends that Alabama almost hired him instead of Bill Curry in the late 80's, and they laughed at me. Looking at Coach Bowden's success, could that of been our worst mistake ever in not hiring him? We did have Coach Stallings come along and win a NC, but would it of been a better trade off in the long run?
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