| FTBL The Barn Goes Down and Tubberville is whining...............

Miles needs to have a talk with his OC he nearly cost LSU the game. If i was Miles id be on his front porch. Right now im just happy LSU won.
I thought Tubbs was going to try and throw his headset equip. at the ref on that last play lol. Crying and wanting a personal foul/late hit on Todd. Looked legit to me.

Down goes the barn. This is the only time I can pull for LSU. :lol:
I can only hope our recievers can get as open as Auburn's did against LSU.

Man, there are so many holes to exploit compared to Alabama(on both teams) at this point. Not that we dont make plenty of mistakes still. But still, gah.

If we can keep improving, I like our chances.
Man, I almost bust my gut laughing at Tubby. I thought he was gonna blow his main seal! :lol:

What a poor looking game. Not trying to brag, we look the best in the west right now! :wink:
Tubby had no arguement it looked? Unless he was saying he was already out of bounds?

Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh...a lot.
porkchop said:
Once again they are already calling for Tony Franklin to be fired...again http://www.aunation.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51222 :lol: :lol: :lol:

I couldn't read the thread JAMMA, but heck! That's the best AU's offense has looked all year. :?

To sum it up, they are spitting out tons of seeds from the....


I check the aunation forums about once a week and they have to be the most wishy washy fanbase out there. One day they praise to no end then the next its off to the chopping block and demanding new coaching staff. :roll: :lol:

Here's more in this one http://www.aunation.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51226
If I were Tuberville I'd be whining about the middle of the D line. LSU made a living up the middle tonight. Something tells me Rhodes didn't see this type of pounding at Pitt? A solid running game with multiple backs is going to spell trouble for them. '!@#

btw....the barn post game is in meltdown mode. Callers putting the wood to the play calling.....if anyone really cares. :roll:
Some of the great quotes from tonights meltdown of the barn nation:

Even with a new OC we still have the same ol head coach. Get a lead and sit on it, put the pressure on the defense to win it for us. I am tired of seeing this piece of crap conservative play calling everytime we get a lead in a big game. It seems to me CTT needs to get out of the way and let the OC run his offense. Maybe Borges wasn't the problem after all.

I can't post about this game. I'm not even sure I can watch it next year

The spread is cute, neat little fad/gimmicky offense best implemented by teams with no talent or Tim Tebow. When you can't run the ball in the SEC, you will not be successful.

Right now I don't see us beating ANYBODY on the schedule except the pasty's.Vandy may beat us,Ole Miss may beat us.
I'm soooooo pissed off right now.

Thanks for ending the home streak.What other streaks will end this year?Tenn hasn't won in Jordan Hare since 1980 will that end too.The 6 win streak against bama looks bad as well.Three losses to the Dawgs when was the last time that happened?

Hate to be a gloom and doomer but what in the heck improved tonight?

BAAAaaaaaa follow the leader straight to mediocracy.

At least we had touch down in the red zone.......great imrovement

There is so much gold to be read on the meltdown board lol. I'm off to bed. Enough reading for one night. :lol:

Roll Tide guys!
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