| FTBL Teague/Lamar Thomas

This play just got 29th on the Best Damn Unbelievable College Football plays of all time on Sports South. It looks like the Prothro catch is going to be at the top where it should be (it better be #1). Personally I thought the Teague play was better tnan 29th.
BrianG1979 said:
Let me guess the Cal/Stanford game gets #1?

yep. just watched it and couldn't believe there hasn't been (according to those who do the voting) another play that was more unbelievable in college football.

blows my mind when things like this happen.
I can't say it enough that the Cal/Stanford "Band on the field" play...is over-rated. There are 10 more plays that are equal or better than that play, its sickening really.
RollTideRandy said:
I didn't see it, but I'll guess the Flutie Pass was #2?

Yep. There was one play where the QB ran a short keeper and was flipped into the end zone, landing on his feet. It was good, but nothing like when Walker got flipped in a UGA game against I believe Clemson, landed on his feet and then kept running about 30 yards for a TD. I didn't watch the whole thing, but I didn't see it. They did have Walker demolishing Bill Bates and the "Run, Lindsay, Run" play. The Goal Line Stand was early on the list, and The Steal and The Catch were both there. Of course, the game before Bama beat aubrun 35-0 was in there, too.


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