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In one of those games no one in the South pays much attention to, Wyoming was playing Utah this past weekend. Last week on the college football show on ESPN I remembered Rece talking about Joe Glenn (Wyoming's coach) guaranteeing a win versus Utah. To say the the least, he came up short losing 50-0.

While I can't say I like Utah's coach Kyle Whittingham plan to run up the score, running an onsides kick while they were winning, and winning BIG in the 3rd quarter.

Evidently, it didn't sit well with Glenn as well.

Here's Glenn's reaction to the call
Kyle Whittingham talks a lot about accountability. Kind of ironic.

Yeah, see, what you do is go out and score 50 on them without being classless about it and make him look stupid. Kick an onside kick up 43-0? "It's the third quarter, why should I call the dogs off?" Come on, this guy can't be that idiotic. Kicking a straight kickoff up 43-0 isn't calling the dogs off. :roll:

I don't know which is worse, the onside kick or the middle finger.
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