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I really want to see what Terry Grant can do against LSU. He seems to be the guy everyone is kind of forgetting about.

I really enjoy his style of running, and I am sure he can run the ball on LSU if he wants to, and he needs to, he will get the bulk of the carries.

Didn't he break Shaun Alexander's freshman td record last week? I know he broke some record. But if he breaks loose on LSU (and I think he will have a decent game, since Ive seen more running on LSU lately) JPW might not need that monster game Alabama fans are hoping for.
Ah, I just love this guy, he always does his job and he makes great plays. I just think with recent reemergence of JPW, he is not being seen the same way by opposing teams. Therefore it seems his potential to go undaer the radar and get a few free punches in seems that much huger.
The thing is, hes been a great playmaker for us all year. He quieted down a few games for what I think is only because we couldnt use him right. Teams were stacking the line trying to prevent the run, with JPW being the most looked at factor, the grip on him has started to loosen, and hes looking like the guy we had at the beginning of the year.

Also: Arenas. Not a surprise, but dontcha think theyll be dumb and kick it to him a few times till they get burned bad? I mean, if I were LSU, id definatly try to kick it to him and see what happens. Since they have all that talent, im sure theyd see if they can get by our playmakers with it.
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