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Okay Fellers,The SECCG game is looming after the Barn.I'm in total mind-set mode for the BArn.

But here's the question,Who here thinks we will loes to Florida? It's an honest question.Just answer with your heart.

Me,I think it will be the BIGGEST test of the year.
And I'm afraid me may fall,but,This is BAMA/FLA we're
talking about.The Two best teams in the Nation.

So anybody here think that we will fall to the Gators(11-1 pending a win vs. FSU). We are 3-0 in games
that nobody has given us a chance in this year
(Clemson,Georgia,Louisiana State University). So Why can't we beat the Florida Gators?

History has proven this year that we can overcome
just about anything.So why not the Gators? We are
going to be playing in the Georgia Dome (1-0 this year-Clemson-34-10). In front of a mixed crowd,
Tiders and gators,almost 50/50. Just as it was in the
Clemson Game.

So lets get out there,Beat the far outa Auburn, Then

My Final scores for the mentioned games are as follows:

#1.Crimson Tide-(11-0)-34


SEC Championship Game
#1-Crimson Tide-28


So in concluding this segment of "Jake's Corner",
I belive we have what it takes to get to the BCS
Championship game,and win!But also,It is a VERY bumpy
ride from now til then!

Okay, I'll bite. It has been a long two weeks waiting for the Iron Bowl and Florida has been on my mind as well. I am interested to see how they play tomorrow against FSU and really hate that game kicks off at the same time as ours. Back to the question, I think it will take a two half effort like we gave in the Clemson and Georgia game for one half. If we can play four quarters at that level we will beat them. Interested to see if we can.

btw - We weren't given a chance in the Clemson and Georgia game, but were 2 point favorites in the LSU game to the best of my recollection.
I expect Bama to win just 'cause everyone else expects the opposite. I also expect the winner to play in the BCS title game. The loser will be the host team in the Sugar Bowl, right?
Has Bama ever really looked bad in a BIG game? And as long as I can remember Alabama has always brought their A game against the Gators. I really can't think of any year that they really dominated us. Not to mention In the last 10 years were 3 - 1 against them.

So I REALLY like our chances against them.
I think that if we can keep their running game to the outside and put pressure on their WR and TE we can beat them. IMHO i think that they will beat us this year, but it will be a closer game than what most people think but im hoping that they prove me wrong and we win.

Florida should win somewhere around 34-24. But if we win, I think it will be like 36-34 or something like that. I see Florida scoring between 30-40 on us, depending upon how well we move the ball early in the game. The question is will we make big plays, because I am almost certain they will make two or three. We are going to need all three phases to cash in at least one TD, hopefully with the offense scoring at least 3.
I cant believe you guys do not have more proof and belief in our defense?? I mean look what we have done so far...and look at how good and disciplined the whole team is as far as turnovers and penalties...first off we don't beat our selves, secondly our defense has and will control the tempo in this game i do believe...if we come out and score early ( first or second drive ) get our D pumped up they will lock down on them and hold the game where we want it, thats a proven fact...honestly there is nothing stopping us from getting to Miami except our own team not showing up period...R.F.T ( Roll F*ckin Tide )
Wow, uf gonna score 30-40 on us. I just don't see it. We control the ball. We run the ball very well. If we control the time of possesion, it's gonna be hard for uf to score 30-40 on us. Granted they are a very good football team, but I think they are the second best team in the SEC.
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