| FTBL Sorry we had to leave early, fellas



We left the game at halftime and drove back to LA. Got home around 11:00 p.m. No one at the tent when we got back to it but my wife.

Cathy said to tell you guys (whoever was in charge of the food) that you did a great job. I'll second that. The barbecue was very good. I ain't into much turkey, but Andrew said it was good. We'd like to donate to the cause if you'll tell us how. No sense in a few footing the bill for the many.

Btw, any word on Bam1966?
James it was great to see you again.

My dad asked where you got off to. I figured you had to head back to coon-ass country. Good talking to you and the wife and glad you guys had a safe trip home. Take Care!!
I wondered where you guys went.
It was great visiting with you and your family. Hope to see you guys again next year. :)
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