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TD pass to Julio, one of his 25 for the season. A Heisman winning season might I add. :lol: I'm with Jammer, I like the wheel route, or PA pass to Walker for a gain of 15.
Toss sweep to Mt. Cody who just so happens to run out of bounds and flattens the jerk (through the Gatorade table) that has been spreading the rumors about Julio.
Clemson is going to make JPW beat them deep. That is going to be given to us via man to man. I think we should throw deep and therefore make them question their whole gameplan from that point on. it will open up the running and shor passing game quickly if we have a nice 40 yard strike or even a 40+ yard touchdown. The next series they would have get back on their heels to defend that and thats when play action comes in to play and the running game and short screens become easier.
I don't thing Saban will show his cards early. I think he'll just test the defensive front and try to establish the running game. Maybe something off left tackle.
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