| FTBL Section U1 at Bryant-Denny??


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Has any one ever sat in section U1 CC-NN? If so, how are these seats and if you are not on row 1, can you see the action well? Are these seats chair backs?? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!

I have never sat in those seats on the East side, but I have sat in their counter parts on the West side. Awesome!! Great Seats!! You are covered and will not need a poncho if it rains. Only thing is if it is an after noon game. Take your sunglasses. As the sun sets it will beam you in the face for a little bit. Otherwise enjoy the game!!
I've never sat there personally but have some friends who sit across the field on the West side in C or D...can't remember... and they say they have a great view. They have chair backs. Not sure about yours. You'll be above the student section so the addt'l views could be interesting? :lol: Why don't you contact UA and ask about those chair backs.

Im almost sure those are the ones i sat in awesome view and im pretty sure its chair back seats ,cause i think its the hadicapped section
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