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Schizophrenia Defines Bama Fan Base, Among Other SEC Thoughts…

I’d imagine, no, I feel pretty confident I’ll step on a few toes with this week’s early entry into the RollTideBama Blog. But hey, if it’s going to happen I might as well make it a broad step and include a few of the other members of the Southeastern Conference as well, right? I could take the time to point to things in every team, every fan base, but since it’s Monday it seems like randomly choosing those “targets” is as good of an idea as any.

But, before that, let’s go back one week with a small update.

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Nice article, especially on the fan base. I guess it would be hard to label where we should be as fans right now or what to think of it. I guess we're just numb or have learned over the years to not bite off more than you can chew. That being said, I bought into CNS the day he arrived. We all knew it would take time but watched the recruiting come to life almost immediately after he began searching. We see a young, but powerful team growing. We still have much room to grow into. I will support the team no matter what and sip a lil kool-aid every now and then. We deserve it. a$#
LOL. :lol: I love your stuff Terry.

I stand by my sentiment that wanting is not enough.

After being embarrassed as they were, should UGA and and Bama play again, I suspect that the Dogs would enter wanting redemption more than Bama would want a second win...but Bama would still win (IMHO) because they are better.

Wanting would not counter the fact that our boys have better conditioning, better play calling, better skills, better execution, and better focus.

Example: A few years ago when Texas-Prairie View was setting the record for the longest losing streak, it was not because they were O.K. with it. It was because they stunk. The celebration that followed their first win in years showed that they did indeed want a win badly.

I read a post sometime back that took a similar line as I did asking that if wanting was so important, why do teams not practice wanting as a rule like they do blocking, two-minute drills, or kick-off coverage. I found this a ponent observations. Ironically this sarcasm reveals exactly why CNS is so good. He actually brings in speakers, coaches if you will, that build on the intangibles like focus, wanting, and finishing. So in a round-about kind of way, we really do have a "Coach Iggy" :D
I understand where you are/were coming from...but, you have to *want* to execute to the best of your ability or you'll be the laughing stock of college football.

This is one of those conversations that literally delve into the same subjects...you can separate one from the other and be successful.

I guess, using Saban's terms, the process is as much mental as it is physical. We've covered both aspects.

South Carolina, Tennessee...those teams don't suck. But, both of them are 0-2 in the SEC. It's not because teams they've faced are necessarily better.
Great read Terry. I completely agree with your opinions on our fanbase. Remember back in 2004 when AU went undefeated and was left out of the NCG? Well they didn't start near as far back as we did and it only took us 5 weeks to climb to the top whereas it took them the entire season. We are getting plenty of respect, and IF..IF..IF we can handle our business on the field, WE control our fate. Every coach and AP writer that has a vote has ensured us a spot in the Orange Bowl IF we can handle our business.

With all of that said, I think it's best if we as a fan base stop worrying about our ranking right now and take this thing one game at a time.
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