| FTBL Saban delivers message loud and clear to Tide


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Heck yeah!

Rather than bask in a solid effort, there are no moral victories, he said. And there was no reason to be happy. Instead, it was time for a lesson

No hand clapping here. No "nice try". If you never raise the bar, you'll never reach new heights.


Goes hand in hand with what I've seen some of the recruits mention about Saban and them wanting to come here and meet his expectations.

It's a great thing to emphasize to your players and also to the reflection of future recruits wanting to come to UA. That you won't play unless you do as you're told and perform as you're expected to. I support this 100% as I don't want anyone on the team that isn't going to lay it all out on the field and then some. If they don't make the cut so to speak, trim the fat IMO.
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