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Before the '08 class was even on campus Porter, Argo and I started putting together the top 10 of the 2009 recruiting class. Yeah, we are looking at '09 already! (Sadly, some of us are already looking at '10)

While we pretty much agreed on the top 9 (a few differences here and there) the #10 spot was one up for debate. There were also several players that we considered putting in the top 10 and if we had listed 15-20 different players they would have been included. There is some great talent, unheralded, in state for the '09 class

Here's the list in the recruiting area of the RollTideBama Blog
TerryP said:
(Sadly, some of us are already looking at '10)

That is sad! Didn't you hear from CTT that recruiting doesn't matter? :lol:

That's some great stuff guys!!! Once again the state will be a hotbed of recruiting.

I'm curious you didn't employ the Scout.com method. Since AJ committed with Bama, he should have dropped from your top 10!
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