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Bama Bo’s RTB.com Player of the Week

If this article sucks it’s not my fault. Our Expert called timeout just as I was making the first keystroke so I had to do it again.

What can I say about this week’s game? I’ve been doing the POW column every week during football season since this boards inception. So far every year I wind up with a game that it’s hard to pick a POW, not because of so many outstanding efforts, but because there wasn’t anyone that stood out. This is one of those weeks. Brian Motley came to mind because of his coming back sooner than expected from a broken ankle. Heck, that’s an injury that would have kept some out for an entire season. Keith Brown came to mind because he made a few great plays, including his Rod Tidwell impersonation. Zeke Knight (last weeks POW) had a pretty good game. And I almost decided to give it to the entire defensive squad. All things considered, these guys did their best to give Alabama a chance to win this game. But, I finally decided to award it to a new guy. A new guy in more than just not having been awarded the POW before. He’s also new to the Alabama football team.

Rolando McClain


Even though he had a good game by tying for the lead in tackles with 9 total, this week it is kind of an accumulation award. This guy has been having good game after good game. He’s been a solid presence at MLB, and as true Frosh he has done an excellent job in calling the defensive signals.

So here’s to you Titan of the Tackle, Mr. Rolando McClain, you are this weeks RollTideBama.com’s Player of the Week.
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