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I grew up a FSU fan, and still watch them. Here is what I can tell you briefly about this year's team..

Their QB (s) are shaky to steady. They are not going to carry the team on their shoulders or win the game on their own. Weatherford is a hair better than Lee, but I wouldn't be surprised if Lee played to some extent. Jimbo hates both these guys.
O-Line: Garbage. They get pushed around by Clemson, embarrassed, and then UAB help them okay for a little while, and then Colorado had little trouble with them. About like UGA's except unorganized.
RB: Antoine Smith is pretty good, but not great. They run him hard, and almost into the ground. If you give him a break, he'll hurt you. Like a Thomas Brown at UGA. Backup is okay, but not anything great.
WRs: Good there, but underachievers big time. Carr is 6-6, but does little. Fagg is good size, same story as Carr. They don't fight for the ball and are not really big play guys. #9, can't think of the name, has come on strong recently, like he wants to play. Preston Pearson, #5, is an electric little guy. I think a RS Fresh or a Soph. But he can break it if you are not careful, but he is only one guy.
TE: dues to injury and Warren leaving, its a nonexistent position for them.

D-Line: Got some big boys up front as expected, but not the classic FSU DE that can terrorize. Fluellen and Mofett (SP) can be road blockers, but the rest of the guys, only so-so.
LB: Kinda thin like us. Some guys coming off injury, some underperforming. Hayes #10 was their star their, like Blackman at AU. Made things happen. Not sure of his status for the game, considering he got in a fight with police and was taseres a week ago.
DBs: Carter is a good corner and #3, the safety Rolle is a big boy. Not as fast as people think he is, but he can come and cover on the run big time, and a solid cover and tackler. Smart guy back there. But I have seen WRs run away from him. Rest of the crew, middle of the road.

I expect Mickey Andrews to blitz JP a lot and mix up the front line. In my opinion, its another UGA. But if UGA-FSU played, UGA would win. Here is the one thing about FSU that I will say. After watching them, over the past year or so, their spirit and fight to win has not been strong. I don't know how united they are. If we jump on them like we did Arky, they will not come back. Actually, I can't recall FSU coming back on anyone recently with any kind a stature. They comeback on teams like Troy and Western Michigan. They did come back on UCLA last year, but you get the idea. 8)
Thanks TWJ. Forgive me while I feel a little more shaky about this game now.

While FSU didn't come back to win they did come back on Clemson and had a chance to win at the end. They looked like an entirely different team in the 2nd half than they did the 1st.

I haven't seen them play since then though. I would hope UGA is more talented than the Noles though.
What scares me about this game is JPW.. he has the receivers to come out and score quick on FSU... but he has to stop over throwing DJ. I do however feel SOOOO Much more comfortable not being around so much confidence before a game. lol
You're right Delta, they did play strong in the 2nd half against Clemson, but they still lost. And they had to make plays in the second half against UAB to win that one. But in the first half of Clemson, first half of UAB, and pretty much the whole Cloroado game, they looked uninterested and just plain flat.

I know they had a week off, so their might have got their stuff straight, but they look to have bigger problems than an off week can fix.
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