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I have a question about my seats. I have tickets in section HH row 3. I know I am lucky to even be inside the stadium, but will these be so low to the field that it is hard to see.

I know in Tiger Stadium when you are to low, the crown of the field takes away some of the view.
I've never sat on row 3, but have spent some time on row 6. Not much difference, and I loved it. Felt like I was in game, (well,,, almost. :p )
I am stoked about being on row 2 to be honest. Gets me closer to the action. Hopefully will get some decent shots of both teams.
I think I had season tickets in that exact same area one year (HH, row 3). Put me down as a hater! I even sold those tickets to some folks who wanted to be "lower bowl" later in the season and bought some Upper Deckers.
I sat there for the Hawaii game last year and for me, it was too close. I did like being right behind the bench and kind of seeing what is going on on the sidelines, but it is a little difficult to see what is happening. You can't see plays opening up and it is difficult to see if they made a first down or how long a play went for. But for sure, you will feel the crowd and the emotion. I say Great experience, not so great view.

On a side note, I got tickets this year above the zone a few rows from the front right behind the goal posts and have been amazed at the good view. I had rather be at mid field, but I love the view from high in the end zone.

There, I'm glad you were amused!!!
Not gonna be good! :D

The good news is much like myself you will be able to call Miles an idiot and feel like he can hear you. 8)

Good news for you (bad for me) #2 youll will enjoy looking at the LSU players arses. Thats the best view you will have.
Rolltide24 said:
but i love the view from the end like I never thought I would.
Dude, i laughed my a$$ off when i read that.If you were a couple guys on here im familiar with, i could have roasted them with that statement.Since i dont know you i'll let it go!!!! :lol: :lol:
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